S.W.C & Heresy 'SHIN KICKER'

Shin Kicking is a combat sport that involves 2 players attempting to kick each other on the shin in order to force their opponent to the ground.

'Shin Kicker' is a collaboration between Stepney Workers Club and HERESY.

Combining HERESY's continuous folkloric research and S.W.C’s ethos of inclusiveness through sport the two brands have joined for a collaboration influenced by the strange folk sports of Britain and the 'Cotswold Olimpick Games'.

Focusing on the bizarre sport of 'Shin Kicking' they have produced a limited edition shoe as part of Stepney's 'Trophy' collection. Accompanying this is a heavily embroidered work-jacket, and two exclusive t-shirts featuring the photography of folk-archivist Brian Shuel, which depict the world marbles championship and London's 'Pearly Kings'.

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