"This product isn’t finished. There is never a final design."

Stepney Workers Club & Studio Hagel

Stepney Workers Club team up with Studio Hagel on a series of ‘EXP’ collaborations that will explore the craft and boundaries of vulcanised footwear. The first project, EXP1, features ‘S-STRIKE’ versions of the ‘DELLOW’ and ‘VARDEN’ sneakers and will be released in 2 drops.

Amsterdam-based Studio Hagel, founded in 2015 by Mathieu Hagelaars, is a footwear design studio driven by experimentation. Renowned for their ‘MakersMondays’ projects which act as a visual playground to push the boundaries of aesthetic innovation. The design philosophy at the heart of Studio Hagel is that there is never an end-result and all creations are a starting point or inspiration for future projects. This experimental approach has led them to work with the likes of Off-White, Valentino and Takashi Murakami.

Design Details:
• Leather S-STRIKE panels partially concealed with hand-layered vulcanised rubber strip coverings.
• Extra ‘heel-clip’ sidewall foxings (x4 different textures) with protruding ‘lip’ detail.
• Asymmetric ‘flipped’ co-branded tongue labels with EXP1 statement.
• Heavy textured front rubber toe bumpers (Differing textures on the left and right shoes).
• Highlight colour branded heel patches.
• Asymmetric co-branded insoles.
• Sidewall stitching.
• EXP1 shoebox.

Drop 1 is now available here.